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By: Maddison Bateman (Maddi Bateman)
Poem/Song Lyrics
When you have to fight to be alone,with no place to call your home. Took a road into the unknown. Passing the gate to a forbidden zone. I Built a bridge to see that even if it were to break id be falling on nothing. Why try go figure me out when I’m trying go do the same.My brain is mesmerized by the thoughts of where I might remain. Everyday life becoming like an unimportant pain. Nothing will ever be the same. When’s the last time I said my own name.
For all the times you stay up at night,watching things pass before your eyes, trying not to break down and cry. Seeing a noose strangling your life, seeing the light drain from your eyes. All I can do is despise, you and all your lies, I try to search for higher skies but end up feeling like all I want to do is die. Throw me a rope to pull me in, here’s a gun, now do me in. I’m like sand in the wind, I don’t even know where to begin, your like a hunter you did it to shoe me in. Closed the door to my cage,shake me until I rage. Break me no matter my age, Take me out of this place.Throwing up my black intentions. Bleeding out all my confessions.Returning to a dark period of time, the time when I’d just sit there and wish I’d die. I’d cry every night wishing my sky would fall down and crush me, instead I got high. So high that no matter if I was to die I’d feel nothing even if I was to cry, to high to die. To dark to see light, to catch a spark,no mark will be seen on my skin. The blood from your razor you see it’s like a sin. Wrong but so right. Your words are so cold, I caught frost bite. In the night he dragged you then rapped you, now you’re full of fright. Don’t worry kid I don’t bite, feed you drugs and candy until you’ll see the light. Don’t worry in the end I doing you a favour, my little friend. Your the voice in my ear telling me to go to bed the demons are here. I tell them to disappear but they’re so close my dear. I want you. Come here.
Maddison Bateman
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